I. H. S. S. Public Authorities in California are mandated by AB 1682 to create an Advisory Committee comprised of volunteers and must, by law, have a majority of members who are current or past users of personal assistance services.

The membership of the Advisory Committee consists of members who represent the following:

  • Individuals who are past or present users of IHSS or personal assistance services
  • Individuals who are current or former providers of IHSS services
  • Individuals who are members of the community with involvement and interest in the IHSS program

I. H. S. S. Advisory Committees provide ongoing advice and recommendations regarding the I. H. S. S. program to the Board of Supervisors, any administrative body in the county that is related to the delivery and administration of I. H. S. S., and the governing body and administrative agency of the Public Authority.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more about participation in an Advisory Committee, contact the Public Authority in your county.

Governing Boards

The Public Authority Governing Body is the official board designated to govern the Public Authority and make legally binding decisions on its behalf. In most counties, the Governing Body is the county board of supervisors.

I. H. S. S. Public Authority Advisory Committee and Governing Board members are invited to attend an educational and networking statewide conference once a year. This conference is open to current Advisory Committee and Governing Board members, Public Authority Directors and their staff.

California In-Home Supportive Services Consumer Alliance

The California In-Home Supportive Services Consumer Alliance (CICA) is a statewide coalition of IHSS Advisory Committee and Governing Board members representing the consumer viewpoint on all IHSS issues at the local, state and federal levels. This coalition works closely with IHSS providers in the representation of consumer issues and is the first of its kind in the state.

The purpose of the organization is to provide statewide support and communication relative to IHSS program issues to Advisory Committee and Governing Board members, training materials, updates on legislation and regulations and a networking opportunity for advancing and supporting the mandates of the IHSS program and continuing to make the voice of the consumer heard and recognized.  For more information visit CICA’s website at: cicaihss.org