If you are looking for a job as an IHSS provider, contact the local Public Authority and follow their instructions on how to be included on the Registry. In many counties, you will be asked to attend an orientation session and complete an application. The Public Authority may also conduct a criminal background check. Persons who have been convicted of welfare fraud or of adult or child abuse are not eligible to be an IHSS provider. Depending upon the local Public Authority in a particular county, other criminal convictions may prevent someone from being listed on the Registry. To be included on the Registry, you will likely need the following:

  • Social Security card or other proof of the right to work in the United States (U.S).
  • Proof of citizenship or legal immigration.
  • Valid Driver’s License or other government-issued photo identification.
  • Three references – a non-relative personal reference and two from previous employers.
  • Documentation or certificates for any training you may have had.
  • Completed application form.
  • Grant the Public Authority permission to do a criminal background check to determine whether you have been convicted of any crimes that would prohibit your employment as a Registry provider.
  • Complete an interview with Registry staff and/or attend an orientation for new providers.

If you are willing to transport the IHSS consumer to medical appointments, you may have to provide proof of a current auto insurance policy that includes liability, a copy of your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) record, and a valid Driver’s License.

For information on wages and benefits in your county: Collective Bargaining Chart 060322